Integrity Information Technologies, Inc. (Integrity IT) was founded in 2000 for the purpose of providing a wide range of information technology services to government and private entities. Our core business functions are business systems development and logistics systems support. Integrity IT is a woman-owned small business, S-Corp.

Corporate Expertise

The Integrity IT staff possesses professional expertise in several technical and logistical areas that are required to support these core business functions.
Our areas of technical expertise include systems analysis and design, application development, integration testing, systems integration (including COTS integration) and systems implementation and deployment. In support of overall systems development we possess professional expertise in the areas of database management and administration, Oracle application and database development, network management, user training, on-site user support (including help desk support) and program management. Our program management expertise is provided by highly competent program mangers with years of experience in systems development and a thorough understanding of the use of Earned Value (EV) techniques in support of a formal program management process.

In the area of logistics systems support our staff collectively has years of experience on the overall logistics process with particularly in-depth knowledge of and experience in the areas of cataloging, provisioning and depot maintenance (specifically MAXIMO implementations).


Our customer base includes the Defense Logistics Agency (specifically the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS)), Warner Robins AFB and Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) – Albany, GA. Our support to Warner Robins and Albany have been in the area of depot-level logistics support providing assistance with MAXIMO implementations in support of depot-level maintenance. DLIS has been our biggest customer from a tasks and resources standpoint. We have been supporting them since our incorporation in the area of DLA cataloging on numerous system design and development tasks. Our tasks have supported this overall effort and has included the development of system capabilities that support not only DLA users but also USMC and U.S. Army users with potential follow-on deployments for the Air Force and Navy.

Specific Corporate Task Experience

DLA/DLIS: We have been involved primarily with the DLIS initiative mentioned above to develop a centralized, integrated system known as the Cataloging Reengineering System (CRS). Our involvement began as a subcontractor supporting the initial design and development of CRS. We provided systems design, database design and testing expertise to the prime. During this same time frame we were also responsible for developing a capability to be integrated into CRS that would support USMC cataloging and would allow for the shutting down of a USMC legacy system known as the Technical Data Management System (TDMS). A subsequent task involved the development of a new system interface for CRS that would support the interfacing of a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system being developed by DLA with the primary DLA cataloging information database known as the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS). Our next task involved modifying CRS to support the unique cataloging requirements of the U.S. Army. During this time frame the contract for the initial development of CRS expired and DLIS published a solicitation for a CRS maintenance contractor which we competed for and won. We also provided for the development of additional CRS capabilities and provide full time on-site support to the DLIS CRS Support Center.

Warner Robins AFB and MCLB Albany: As mentioned above our support to Warner Robins and Albany have been in the area of depot-level logistics support providing assistance with MAXIMO implementations in support of depot-level maintenance. We provided on-site program management and technical MAXIMO implementation support as well as legacy system support.

Other MAXIMO implementation Support: Integrity IT has supported the MAXIMO vendor (MRO) on several implementation efforts to include Pharmacia, The Penn State University and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Staff Experience/Expertise

Integrity Information Technology employees have jointly supported the Air Force and HQ Air force Materiel Command (AFMC) Material Systems Group (MSG) in a number of roles, including experience during most of the 22 years of the Air Force Equipment Management System’s (AFEMS) modernization and sustainment efforts. Our staff members gained experience encompassing virtually all activities of a large-scale system program from the genesis of the project--when it replaced 11 legacy systems into one centrally managed repository--to the modernization efforts to enhance the capabilities to match the continuously changing technology demands.

Our current staff still includes several members who have years of experience across a broad range of roles and responsibilities on the AFEMS program. Their collective experience dates all the way back to the conceptual inception of the AFEMS program in 1986. One of our staff was on the initial program definition team and three additional members supported the program from initial contract award through IOC. In point of fact, one of our staff members co-authored the Functional Description, System Specification, and several of the Use Cases for the D039 system.
Our staff has performed a wide range of roles and responsibilities including function analysis, systems engineering and architecture, systems management (including COTS and hardware management), program management & control (including the establishment of the initial IMS including Earned Value Metrics (EVM)), database management (Supra, Oracle), level 2 technical management with the AFEMS Allowance CPC requirements during initial development, lead for migration of data from Allowance legacy data into AFEMS, software lead, software development (employing PACBASE, Supra, Rational Rose, VisualAge For Java, Oracle, SQLLOADER, JCL, TSO, INTERTEST, COBTEST, SUPRA DBMS (SQL, EASY, ISQL), operations mgmt, security (including the initial authoring of the AFEMS Security Classification Guide for submission to HQ AFMC), application test engineering and telecommunications.

Our experience on AFEMS helped the Air Force to provide standard management for equipment information, forecasting of asset requirements, total asset visibility of equipment via current and forecasted authorizations, in-use, in-place, in-transit assets, and aided the AF in becoming the first military service to provide mandated CFO financial data to DFAS.

At the DoD level many of our staff provided extensive support to the tri-service initiatives of the Joint Logistics Systems Center; specifically in the areas of cataloging, provisioning. The expertise provided and experience gained in support of these functional areas again included large-scale systems analysis, database design, application development, testing at all levels, program management, configuration management.

We also have team experience on hardware and software operations management, configuration management, and GCSS-AF integration in a multi-platform environment.
Our staff includes retired active duty and civilian Air Force personnel with extensive experience supporting the Air Force in numerous functional areas including Materiel Management, information systems design and development, International Affairs/Foreign Military Sales, Supply, Maintenance, Program Management, DOD Logistics (including Contracting, and Reutilization & Marketing).